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Techniques used upon Traditional Chinese Medicine´s Channels

Techniques upon Meridians are a series of practices, very extended and tested through ages.

They have been diverging that much through their evolution it almost seems unfair to gather them all upon the name of “Acupuncture”, without letting the public know the specific characteristics that make each one different from the other.

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Something else about me

Carlos Viforcos

Physiotherapist - Kinesilogist - Acupuncturist -  Sonotherapist – Pilates Instructor – Personal Coach

I feel passionate about the field of Applied Kinesiology, giving a special importance to the link between the physical, the mental and the emotional dimensions of the body.

I came by Applied Kinesiology in 2013, when I also finished my Physical Therapy Degree (Alcala de Henares University). Since then I´ve been studying and expanding my therapeutic resources so as to offer a far more complete treatment to each patience.

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