Carlos Viforcos

Physiotherapist – Kinesilogist – Acupuncturist –  Sonotherapist – Pilates Instructor – Personal Coach

I feel passionate about the field of Applied Kinesiology, giving a special importance to the link between the physical, the mental and the emotional dimensions of the body.

I came by Applied Kinesiology in 2013, when I also finished my Physical Therapy Degree (Alcala de Henares University). Since then I´ve been studying and expanding my therapeutic resources so as to offer a far more complete treatment to each patience.

My interest about Health surpasses cultural barriers, and that has led me to receive formation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, more specifically, in Acupuncture and Phytotherapy.

No long after my entrance in the world of natural therapies, the sound of the Singing Bowls catched my attention. It awoke the necessity to communicate with myself so as to keep my own inner-balance, so I could as well pass it on and communicate from that point with my patients.

I have also had the chance to work not only in Spain – both in public and private Health Systems – but in Germany – offering private treatments and Kinesiology formation – and Cuba – Where I applied Acupuncture treatments in Enrique Cabrera Hospital.

Throughout five years in Applied Kinesiology formation (Todokine), I´ve realized about the importance of understanding both modern occidental medicine and traditional oriental medicine as part of a unique system. Despite being different methodologies, they can be perfectly combined. Better results can be achieved this way.

I created Biambu in 2015 as a way to introduce this sort of therapy to my patients. Therefore I seek, in a close and personalized way, empowering and giving self-consciousness to each individual, so they can reach permanent solutions avoiding any chance of relapse.