Techniques upon Meridians are a series of practices, very extended and tested through ages.

They have been diverging that much through their evolution it almost seems unfair to gather them all upon the name of “Acupuncture”, without letting the public know the specific characteristics that make each one different from the other.

I´d like to present you with some of these techniques, so as to give you the knowledge regarding the possibilities each of them offers.

Classic Acupuncture

This is the most extended methodology. Points over 14 Meridians can be pierced so as to regulate the energy, Yin and Yang, which flow within the body. This points have reflex actions onto different organs and their physiology, so they have the power to rebalance the whole body.


Longer and lasting effects can be achieved by combining the needle insertion in each reflex point with the electric stimulation. These effects are also powered by electric impulses, whether the aim is to tonify or dispel the energy. It also has positive impact in cases of muscular or nerve atrophy, as it is highly recommended to promote sensitivity.

It can be used, among other applications, to break fat accumulations. This eases the removal of unnecessary fat, along exercise and some alimentary guidance.


En muchos puntos de Acupuntura puede aplicarse artemisa en combustión para calentar determinadas regiones del cuerpo y por tanto estimular las funciones orgánicas que se corresponden con dichas zonas o puntos de estimulación. La metodología, ejercida por un profesional, entraña un riesgo mínimo, y su aplicación es tan sencilla que en unos pocos minutos puede ser enseñado a un paciente para su aplicación en casa de forma diaria, como apoyo a un tratamiento.


This Acupuncture methodoloty uses the reflex system of the ear to influence organs and their physiological functions. Not only needles can be used, but also seeds that the patience can be wearing on the ear. Stimulus is, this way, produced continuously and has a longer-lasting effect.

Some protocols, such as the NADA (National Acupuncture  Detoxification Association) for addiction and addictive conducts treatment, have been proven effective and worldwide accepted by organizations like the WHO (World Health Organization). They are used as support for many therapies.


Digitopuncture uses digital pressure stimulation over patient´s skin instead of needles. Even if its effect is less powerful, it´s easy for anyone to apply it to oneself. This way patients can, with guidance, reach a level of self-care that seeks for their independence. On the other hand, applied by an expert, this is just one of the many techniques of Tradicional Chinese Medicine´s Massage, also known as Tui-Na, and can be as complex as it is really helpful with any sort of health problem.


Master Tung´s system is based on its own channels, points, diagnose and needle manipulation concepts. Combining this methodology with the benefits of Classic Acupuncture, a deeper level of healing can be reached. This way, recoveries can be achieved in less time. It´s particularly useful in the approach of disbalances with a great emotional load, but it also has excellent results on all the specter of pathologies.


This new system´s pursuit is analgesia. In order to do so, reflex points, most of them on the head, are stimulated. It´s effect is so powerful it´s used in some surgeries instead of anesthesia, as this methodology was specifically developed with that aim in mind.

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