Health Education is the most important therapeutic tool from all the Sanitary System. It covers treatment, recuperation and prevention strategies, being the last one the most important. In Biambu we want to give our patients the opportunity to be participants in this process, with a personal and gentle approach.

We also focus on achieving a more efficient and relaxed development of the patient’s talent, competence and vocation in our “Coaching with Kinesiology” workshop.

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The Art of Kinesiology

In this two-hour-long divulgative workshop we explore the foundations of Applied Kinesiology and how it works.

Any individual can attend, regardless of whether they are looking to start in the world of Kinesiology as patients or they are consumed therapists.

The workshop is very interactive, and it can be adapted to the audience requirements to last up to 4 hours. It always finishes with a round of questions that are solved in a therorical-practical way or example. Its duration will depend on the time set.

This workshop is completely free, as long as a place and a minimum of 8 attendants are provided.

Coaching with Kinesiology

These workshops aim at exploring the different personality types described by the Transpersonal Analysis Model (TAM). This Methodology attributes different characteristics, natural competences and talents to different types of personality.

It can be applied to people, business/companies, groups, teams and any other dynamic and live system. This way it offers to acknowledge every element in a bigger system, allowing seeing more clearly what is the right way for its development.

We offer two varieties of this workshop: Coaching for companies and Coaching for personal development.

In Coaching for companies, after a first evaluation and diagnose, we help planning real short, mid and long-term objectives according to the company. We can provide workshops at all levels of the organization.

In Coaching for personal development, we focus on the emotional aspects of each type of personality. This way we help each person to understand and acknowledge his/her relation with the environment, as well as his/her tendencies to confront different issues with some emotions and hide others. Working in groups, each individual can find ways of confronting these issues in a more efficient way.

It`s a very complex system that requires time to be understood and applied. That is why we offer different durations, depending on the needs of the group. You may contact us for further information.

Sound Therapy

This workshop is an introduction to the world of sound, resonance and meditation. After a short explanation of the science behind this methodology, a demonstration of the different instruments will follow. Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoo, flute and voice are some of the tools that can help each person to vibrate according to their own state and balance.

The main aim of this workshop is to understand how vibration works, what its effects are, and how to produce and control it in order to fulfill therapeutic objectives. Attention, meditation and self-exploration will also be trained through sound.

Besides active participation, any other instruments are welcome. We instruct participants on how to direct their practice to the active listening of their instrument, using it to communicate with their inner-self and their patients, if they happen to be therapists.

The workshop will always end with a group session, where relaxing will be the main aim.

Customized Workshops

Do you have any doubts? Get in touch with us. We will deliver a workshop according to your needs. Information will always have a solid base, supported by the latest investigations, and will come in a nice and accessible format.

Here are some of the themes we have delivered so far:

  • Adictions
  • Tobacco
  • Phobias
  • Massage workshop

You may contact us for further information.

For more information on these and other possible workshops, contact us and we will inform you about dates, prices, organization and duration of the courses.