What is it?

Chinese Medicine is a complex system with thousands of years of practice and evolution that proposes its own diagnosing, treating and pathology-preventing methodologies. It aims above all for an improvement on the patient´s life quality.

How does it work?

Due to a precise diagnose mainly based on tongue observation and pulse measuring, Chinese Medicine can focus not only on the symptoms but also on the physical, energetic and emotional roots of the problem. Working in this way, we can prevent the syndrome from reappearing. Treatment’s objectives can be reached by the insertion of needles (Acupuncture), the ingestion or application of substances that regulate the inner functions of the body (Diet and Phytotherapy) and harmonic energetic movement (Qi-Gong), among others.

Is it reliable?

As long as a professional executes them, these techniques are synergic with Western Medicine. Both systems can converge and support each other. The Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) supports these practices, thanks to the vast amount of strong scientific evidence that proves it effectiveness.


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In Biambu we focus our Manual Therapy treatments. The most convenient for a quick and efficient recovery.

What do we offer?

Acupuncture is the most know and extended treatment method of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By means of painless insertion of needles, acupuncture can regulate the energy (Qi) flow of the body, restoring its inner balance.

We use this millennial and effect-proved Chinese Therapy to relieve various forms of pain: back pain, traumatic pain, menstrual pain, headache and digestive or fertility difficulties. It is also very effective in the treatment of addictions and energetic blockings.

The use of plant, animal (at the time not in the European Union) and fungus is one of the most common treatment methods in the whole world. In Spain, Herbology and Botany led to the study of different active principles contained in different natural herbs, which in turn are synthesized in modern drugs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a different approach, making use of formulas, which intervene at the precise level the organism requires. By chemically treating the origin of the problem, we achieve a lasting solution.

It is the first and main therapeutic tool applied in most medical systems. Chinese Medicine classifies food according to its nature, flavor, Meridians and zones of influence, physiological functions and preparation method among others. Each substance has different medical properties depending on these criteria.

Therefore, an adequate organization of the food can treat and prevent pathologies that the organism might present due to a genetic of physiological predisposition, way and pace of life, season of the year and other reasons


Glass spheres can be placed along the body in order to benefit the energy and blood circulation, unclog blockings or influence the external tissues (skin, fascia and muscle) to ease their free movement.

Using heat and suction, the tissues are detached and unstick, allowing them to ease and contribute to the organism’s physiological reorganization. This technique is particularly useful in the treatment of fever, trembling and any acute or chronic pain originated by a physical trauma.

A superficial inflammation is produced by this technique, which literally means “scratch the evil out”. The objective of this located and controlled inflammation is to reorganize muscular and myofascial fibers, as well as unlocking the Meridian. This way the energy flow and the blood flow are reestablished, so that the tissue can be properly nourished.

It is indicated in non-resolved inflammatory processes (epicondylitis, sprains, etc.), as well as any other pain with congestion sensation.